For savvy and established Entrepreneurs and Small Business Leaders who want MORE visibility, MORE appointments and MORE sales -- WITHOUT spending more time.

Here's What You'll Get:

1:1 Coaching

8 Weeks of 1 Hour 1:1 Coaching

First 4 weeks:  
* Customer Journey Content Evaluation 
* Strategy Development
* Prep, script and CTA planning + template


8 weeks coaching, video editing and publish, content audit, I provide feedback on video script before record or go live

Video Valet

All You Do is Create and Post - We Do The Rest

8 weeks of video editing from my professional editors
* I review 
4 weeks of repurposed content (10 pieces each week)
Full design control and approval included for:
* Full edited video for YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook
* Video clips for social media
* Audio for podcast 
* Image quotes in all sizes for Facebook, Instagram and Stories

Video Vanity

ADD ON - DIY video editing package 
1. Creating confidence on camera 
2. 4-Pillar framework for a solid strategy
3. Light video editing for on-the-go videos
4. Video conversion in the customer journey
5. Create 2 videos - one edited for you

Weekly 1:1 Coaching

Video Ventures

Create consistency and acceleration in your organic marketing
1. Define content buckets
2. Video marketing content calendar
3. 12-months of content planned out 
4. Call-to-action (CTA) cheat sheet
5. 5-Star Lead Magnet template 

Weekly 1:1 Coaching

Video Valet

Repurpose your videos to save time while increasing sales
1. Repurposing strategies 
2. Automate processes
3. Exponentially GROW your audience
More Content + More Engagement 
Less Time + More Sales

Weekly 1:1 Coaching



With over 20 years marketing, sales and business experience, I've learned through taking action that the best way to ACCELERATE your sales is to BE SEEN AND HEARD. 
Creating video content in the #1 way people across the globe make buying decisions. Video Marketing will build your brand and demand authority.

Your success is my success.  I can't wait to see you connect with your ideal prospects, launch your video marketing strategy, create momentum and watch your sales SOAR. 

Don't waste another day wondering what it would be like to 
have content freedom AND grow your sales.

"I had never heard of Vicki before seeing her presentation about her Video Course, and although I usually get lots of information before joining anything, I was so impressed with her and the description of the course that I decided to enroll on the spot. The Video Course has been everything Vicki promised and more, and a great investment in my business.

Vicki's coaching and daily activities are giving me what I need to make videos that represent me and my business and are compelling and attractive to viewers. The 1:1 meetings with Vicki are invaluable for getting questions answered and working through video challenges.

I knew I would be floundering if I started from scratch, trying to make videos on my own. After just a little over a week in the course, I’m all set to make a video that will be engaging to my viewers and will help me grow my online business. Vicki’s course has been the perfect solution for me!"

~Jane Rosenblum
Do you want to be in the same place next year and WISH you had taken action TODAY?

Invest in YOU, your business and YOUR dream life.
~ For a limited time ONLY ~
join Video Marketing Mastery
 fOR ONLY $4,999  (save $1,000)
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Here's what you'LL gET:

  • 30-DAY VIDEO KICKSTART: Step-by-step walkthrough of your first 30-days to create 3 videos for your social media presence, website, and create high-value connections that VMAP offers to market to your IDEAL CUSTOMERS.
  • SALE$ KICKSTART LAUNCH PLAN: The first month, meet 1:1 with me to discuss and brainstorm your business goals and topics for all 3 videos which will kickstart your sales and video marketing strategy.
  • SPECIALIZED 1:1 COACHING: 12-week support from me anytime M-F via Zoom, DM, phone and email PLUS WEEKLY 1:1 coaching via Zoom the first 30 days.
  • ​THE CONTENT CONVERSION SYSTEM: Access to my step-by-step guides, checklists, templates, process and automations to help you develop your VIDEO MARKETING CONTENT strategy with captivating and engaging content. Get in front of YOUR ideal customers with an organized system setup for YOUR success. 
  • THE COMMUNITY: 12-Week SUPPORT in our PRIVATE and SAFE community of professionals from around the world.
  • ​​ACCESS TO MY ONLINE MARKETING COURSE: Exclusive access to my Create Marketing Clarity online course which gives you step-by-step video/audio/text access to creating and managing goals, uncovering your uniqueness through a competitive and a SWOT analysis, identify your ideal customer and lastly, a content audit so you can develop a highly effective & results-driven video marketing content strategy
  • ACCESS TO MY AMAZING VIDEO EDITOR: Access to my video editor who does the hard work for you. You focus on recording and messaging flow. Fast-track yourself to online sales success, boost your lead conversions AND look like a movie star!


  • ​​​​LANDING PAGE & YOUTUBE SETUP: Purchase your program by SUNDAY at MIDNIGHT and I will create a LANDING PAGE designed for your new process! I will take your copy, colors and design elements and customize your conversion pages that get you DESIGN READY for massive success! PLUS I'll take on the SETUP process for your YouTube channel so all you have to do UPLOAD and PUBLISH with minimal impact to your time and schedule. 


  • ​​​​BONUS WORKSHOP: For those who PAY IN-FULL, you will be invited to a ½ DAY Online Workshop where we will take deep dives into building out your AUTOMATED VIDEO CONTENT SYSTEM. This specialized training will take you leap years ahead and simplify your content conversions! No headaches, no worries that you are falling behind – everything outlined so you can focus on a successful VIDEO LAUNCH and create MOMENTUM in the first 60 Days!

Need help? I'm just an email away!
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